Hi, I'm Angela!

I’m a freelance photographer, storyteller and outdoor lover from the Pacific Northwest.
And I'm here to prove to you that life is always better outside.

For the last decade, I’ve had a passion for the outdoors and hiking. Whenever I had a free weekend or holiday, I got outside to explore. Over the years, with some luck and hard work, it has turned into my career.

A few years ago, my following started to grow slowly as I was casually sharing photos of my adventures. At one point, my older sister sat me down and said that if I worked hard enough, I could make this into a business.

This conversation basically kick started my passion for turning my Instagram into a business and ever since then I have been constantly working to grow my follower base, improve my skills photography and editing skills, learn the business side of things and continue exploring!

I started my blog in 2020 because I needed a place to provide more value and share more than just pretty photos on Instagram. I was craving a way to share the details about my experiences and help you do a little exploring yourself.

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My Journey

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My Career

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